ACE-ABC Taxi App Guide


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Book your journey with the ACE-ABC Taxi App

The ACE-ABC App makes booking your taxi easy! It’s simple to use and gives you the option to select your car type, pay securely and even add a promo code to help save you money on journeys.

We have created this app with the customer in mind as we want you to come back time and time again. You can even view the price of the journey before you book it so you are in complete control.


Have you downloaded the app? Let’s get going!

Create an account

The first thing you need to do after downloading the app is to create an account. To do this tap ‘sign me up’ at the bottom of the screen. You will be prompted to add your phone number and email address.

Adding your destination and pick up

When you have created your account and signed in, your screen will look like this.

To create your journey tap the ‘Where are we going?’ field or swipe the bottom of the screen upward.

If you have used the app before then up to five recent addresses will appear to help make the booking process that little bit quicker! You can tap one of the recent addresses in either your pick up or destination field, or type in a new one if you require.

To be picked up from your current location tap ‘set destination on map’ at the bottom of the screen then confirm that the location is correct.

Adding a via

With the new app you can add multiple vias onto your journey – perfect if you need to stop off somewhere along the way or pick somebody up!

To add a via simply press the + icon once you have added in your pick up. Tap the + again to add another via. If you need to reorder these then drag and drop them into the correct order. The via will tilt and highlight blue to show it has been selected.

Tap the grey tick and a different screen will pop up which will display the price of your journey.

Set the time and date of your booking

To select the time and date of your booking, tap the calendar.

Tap the date which will bring up a calendar and you can select what day you require your taxi. Press ‘Ok’ once chosen.


Click on the clock to choose the time you would like your taxi then press ok. You can change the time by moving the pointer around the dial of the clock.

If you would like the car straight away then tap the grey ASAP box at the bottom of the screen.

Select the car type

Our app gives you the opportunity to choose which vehicle type you would like. Swipe across on the car image to see the different vehicles we have available. The price may change depending upon the vehicle you select.


Add a note

You can send a message to the driver with no personal contact details being given out. To do this tap on the note icon, add your message then press the grey tick.

Add a promo code

If you have a promotional code you would like to add to your booking tap the promo code icon, type in the code then press the grey tick. This will apply any discount or code to your booking.


Next tap the cash icon. You can choose to either pay in the taxi or press the + icon in the bottom right hand corner to add your card details. The app can safely store your card details if you wish so you do not need to keep adding them in the future. Please be aware that at certain times and in certain areas pre-payment may be your only option.

Complete your booking

To complete the booking process press the black box at the bottom of the screen with the car details in. The screen will then change as your ride is requested then ‘Booking Confirmed’ will pop up.

Travel in safety

When your taxi has been dispatched you will receive a text message with a link to the driver’s location. You can use this to track your booking and share your location with friends and family.

View your bookings

To view your bookings tap the three lines in the white box on the top left hand corner on the main screen which will bring up your profile. Tap ‘Your rides’ and here you have the option to view the journeys you have coming up and the ones that have been completed.

In this section you can also to choose to add your booking to your personal calendar if you wish. To do this tap on the journey you would like adding, and then tap the underlined text ‘Add to calendar’. You can the select which calendar you would like to add it to and turn on a reminder.

Delete a booking

You are able to delete a booking that you have made in advance on the app. To do this go onto your profile, tap ‘Your rides’ then select the ride you wish to cancel. Tap ‘cancel ride’ in the red box at the bottom of the screen then follow the prompts until your booking is deleted.


You should receive a text message to confirm of your booking cancellation and the booking will show as cancelled in the bookings section on your profile. Please note if the vehicle has been dispatched then you will be unable to cancel through the app.

If you are having any trouble doing this or wish to speak to a member of our team tap the phone icon next to the ‘cancel ride’ button and your call will be put through to us.