Track Your Ride Safety Feature Is Enabled

ACE-ABC know that in these changing times, feeling like you are in safe hands is very important to you as a traveller. That’s why we have initiated our track your ride feature in our app to give you that extra peace of mind, and allow you to share your journey information with friends and family members.  

Whoever has ordered the taxi, can choose to share the ride information with someone from their list of phone contacts; their contact will automatically be sent a text message which includes a tracking link so they can follow the booked vehicle for the duration of the journey. If a customer wishes they can also send details via whatsapp or facebook perhaps to let them know they are running late, they can email a “Tracking Link” and send their GPS position to a friend, colleague or parent.

This would work particularly well for lone travellers who are a little nervous or out alone at night and need the extra comfort of knowing someone is monitoring the journey. You could book a taxi for your friends using your own details and then send them the tracking link when the taxi is dispatched, so they can see their taxi on its way. This would work well for a parent wishing to send a taxi for a child or just wanting to make sure an elderly parent has got home okay. Just follow the simple instructions below when you receive the “vehicle dispatched” tracking message.

  1. Click on the “TRACK” button on the app when the vehicle is sent to pick you up. (Bottom right of your screen)
  2. Now click on the share button (Top right of your screen).
  3. All your share options will now appear, select Message (You could also select Email, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook or Messenger)
  4. You will now be prompted to add your friends contact information.
  5. Now send the message
  6. Your friend should now have the same tracking information as you.