Weekend Changes To Our App

Due to a large increase in time wasters and bogus bookings we have decided to make a change on our App.

From Friday 10th September 2021, any pickup from the town centre made via the app will have to be prepaid at the times detailed below.

Friday 11.00pm until Saturday 04.00am & Saturday 11.00pm until Sunday 04.00am

The time wasted by drivers looking for customers who have decided not to show is having a major impact on our service.

We hope this change will encourage people to only book if they know they are going to take the taxi, not just randomly book and then not turn up.

To make a booking you must change your payment method to card on the app. If a car is available you will be able to book.

If you attempt with cash selected you will receive a message to say “Cannot accept bookings at this time”.